Ashtanga Yoga: Fort Wayne

New Students

New Students

No prior knowledge is necessary to begin, you just need a willingness to learn. All students are guided individually, at their own level and pace. To learn effectively, there are three pre-requisites to be a part of the mysore program:

  1. A willingness and open mind to learn a traditional method of yoga practice – anyone welcome!
  2. A commitment to attend practice at least three days per week
  3. A responsibility to pay class dues on time; this is an exchange of energy here, managing your account BEFORE practice is the first step towards a respectful relationship of learning the practice from the teacher

PLEASE EMAIL  prior to attending your first of any classes on the schedule

What to expect:

The practice space will be semi heated, be prepared to sweat. Sweating helps to detoxify the body, but breathing correctly we do not need much external heat. We are focused on building the heat inside the body.

You will be practicing with other students, but doing the practice at your own pace. There is no need to know anything about the practice before attending, you will learn one on one directly from the instructor.

You may observe a morning completely free, but please email Eliza first. On your first day as a student, your practice will only be about 30 minutes and we will slowly add on from there. Please note, that the full practice may take years to learn as your body adapts to the practice, slowly and safely we add on poses.

No talking goes on in the mysore room, try to be as quiet as possible. Ideally we will only hear the sounds of breathing.

Surrender to the tradition. This means not to add on or skip poses, or take poses out of the sequence. If you have injuries or special limitations, this must be known to the teacher so she can modify the practice for you.

In essence, you are learning how to breath and calm your mind. Being able to touch your toes or get a leg behind your head is just part of the circus.

Class Etiquette “creating a mindful approach to your practice”

Please remove shoes BEFORE entering the space. Carrying outside energy inside our sacred space is not correct, we try to keep the energy clear.

Sign in, manage your account.

Place items outside of the space in the cubbies provided.

Cells on airplane mode.

Showering before practice is ideal. This will not only help warm the muscles, but also acts as a pre practice ritual, you are setting the intention for a clear body and mind.

Please keep yourself and your belongs clean and fragrance free.

Be PATIENT, GENTLE and KIND towards your self and others.

Try to rest at least 5-10 minutes at the end of practice.

Be in tune with the moon, we do not practice on new or full moon days. You are bound to make the mistake of attending class on a moon day and arriving at locked doors. Be attentive of the days we are closed.

When visiting other mysore rooms anywhere else in the world, please follow these same instructions.